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Review Removal Service

yelpWe offer negative review removal services on Yelp and some other review websites such as Google+, Angie’s List, TripAdvisor, Avvo and more.

We have several ways to achieve this, including filing complaints with the review website for reviews not meeting their guidelines and Terms of Services and/or sending letters to their legal department with any evidence that you can provide which contradicts what the reviewer posted. We can also act as intermediary between you and any reviewer to work out a satisfactory resolution, so that the reviewer would voluntarily remove the review. Our service specifically works well for Yelp!

Normally, very few reviews are candidates for our services, so contact us to see if your reviews qualify. If we think your reviews are a good candidate for our service, we will let you know. There is usually no fee upfront unless we are successful.

In case, our above methods fail, we also work with an attorney that can send legal letters to Yelp (or the review website) or Cease & Desist letters to the poster and he is usually more successful.  There is a minimal fee for the legal service for the attorney’s time and you will pay an additional success fee once we successfully remove the review.